Wednesday, December 11

pictures frum december 6th.. my ''party thing''.. hahah

Wednesday, November 13

Erick Sermon - React
havent said nething fer awhile.. imma bring my camera tomorrow, get some pictures so i can put something here. okey dokey then

Wednesday, October 30

Jay Z - Bonnie & Clyde
yea.. redid this thingy.. i got vice city, playing that.. halloweens tomorrow. candy.

Thursday, October 24

Daft Punk - Around The World
haha so bored today. so give me more fries bis`sotch.. haha.. went to breakdance thingy after school today.. i dint have a permission slip but oh well. dood im sleepy. band concert !? nope

Wednesday, October 23

Black Rob - By a Stranger
mm.. those are some good krispy kremes. went to wendys after school.. yum? and becuz i used my money there, i didnt have enough money to get into the night game. mann.. but charles killed a tv. die tv. hahah right.. fun stuff. thursdaay

Tuesday, October 22

RL ft. Erik Sermon - Got Me a Model
kewl poem thing? i think imma go to silverdale stadium tomorrow. yea wahoo go team. haha. o yea i got a guestbook working now.. go sign it or wutever if u wanna
Ludacris - Fatty Gurl
got up the links part.. yeah ill add more to that later if i can remember. this sniper dude craps getting serious.. the police are checking cars with der guns in der hands.. hmm interesting..

Monday, October 21

Dope - Now or Never
well ets not gonna get done tonight. im too lazy and my computer isn't cooperating. you know that sniper dude? i heard dey caught him or wutever but ther not sure if it's actually him though.. how can they tell anyway? uhh so yeah if ur bored then turn up the volume and play poke the bunny. but yeah im sleepy now. u can see my haircut tomorrow, i got one inch off. yep thats it. uhh i think i have an asb meeting tomorrow. gotta remember. well, night
Tyrese - Just a Baby Boy
i guess this is wurking better now, but neway imma try and some profile shet done before i go to sleep. haha its katie's idea. anyway u can have a look see when im done wit it. jus check back in a lil bit er wutever